What to Expect From Surfing at Hanalei Bay

Found on the north shore of Kauai Island in Hawaii, Hanalei Bay is famous for its breathtaking beauty. With its crescent-shaped beach and waterfall-laced mountains, people come from around the world just to soak in the scenery, but for surfers Hanalei Bay brings something else to the table – A little piece of paradise for surfing!

Today we’re going to talk about what to expect in Hanalei Bay from a surfing angle, so that experienced surfers or the folks out there who want to try riding the waves for the first time can get a little sneak peek.

Is Hanalei Bay good for surfing? You bet it is, and we’ll tell you all about it!

Why Should I Choose Hanalei Bay?

Hanalei Bay has a consistent surfing experience, not to mention some fantastic scenery for unforgettable photos and some pretty amazing hiking when you’re not on the waves. That’s because Kauai Island is the least developed of the Hawaiian Islands.

Pineapple plantations, miles of trails that can show you waterfalls and amazing local wildlife, and pristine reefs to snorkel are just a few of the perks of this South Sea gem. Where surfing is concerned Hanalei Bay definitely won’t disappoint, either. As it just-so-happens to be the largest bay on the North side of the Island!

Beginner or Expert, There’s a Little Something For Everyone

The most popular surfing spot in the bay is called ‘The Bowl’, and it’s located in the eastern corner of the bay. During the summer, it’s ideal for intermediate surfers and for longboarding, but don’t go there in the winter unless you’re an expert – the waves can rise to 30 feet in a heartbeat!

In the summertime, however, ask about the ‘Summers and Futures’ breaks – The locals can tell you where to find them, and they’ll make for a perfect fit if you’ve already done a little bit of surfing before.

For beginners, the Hanalei pier is going to be a much better fit. You’ll still get the waves you need to lift you up, but here they are gentle and you’ve got a wide, beautiful beach to spend time on in-between bouts.

Once you’ve spent a little time on the waves, it’s easy to see the appeal – Hanalei Bay is one of the most beautiful places to learn surfing in the world!

Pros Get Their Start Here

When we mentioned that the ‘Bowl’ is a pro-only spot in winter, we meant it, and a lot of famous surfers earned their chops in those very waves. For instance, the iconic Bruce Irons learned to surf here, getting his first taste of the waves at only 7 years old. These days, folks look forward to his Pine Trees Longboarding Classic, which is one of the longest-running surf events in Kauai.

Actor, action-sports model, and American big wave surfer Laird Hamilton also got his start here, becoming an accomplished surfer by 17 and already modeling surf-shots for Vogue magazine. Needless to say, Hanalei Bay is about as ideal for learning surfing as it gets.

Don’t Know How to Surf Yet? Hanalei Surf School Has Got You Covered!

At Hanalei Surf School, we’ve got all of the gear that you need for solo surfing or paddleboarding, and if you don’t know how to surf yet, that’s not a problem at all. Our local expert surfers can teach you to hold your own when it comes to the sweet, sweet waves of Hanalei Bay.

What’s more, professional photography is available if you’d like to capture some amazing pics of Hanalei Bay and those surfing lessons that you can take home and keep forever.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to learn surfing in a veritable paradise, so don’t let this chance slip away like the tide! Whether you’re a curious first-timer or an intermediate-level surfer looking to pick up a few new tricks, we’re ready and willing to accommodate.

Did we mention that we also offer Hanalei Charters Na Pali coast adventure tours?

Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you to make the most of your Hanalei Bay visit on Kauai Island.

The surf’s up… are you ready for it?  With Hanalei Surfing School, you will be!