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Learn The Art Of Surfing From The Best in Hanalei

Hanalei Bay’s Premiere Surf School

Hanalei Bay is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and clear oceans that are perfect for surfing. If you’re just learning to surf or have minimal experience, it can be intimidating trying to learn. At Hanalei Surf School we believe that surfing should always be a pressure-free experience no matter what your experience level is. Founded by pro surfer Evan Valiere, Hanalei Surf School helps you with everything from learning the basics to refining your skills so that you can focus on what matters most: enjoying your time on the waves.

Learn to Surf with the Pros

At Hanalei Surf School we want every session to end in success, with that in mind we book all lessons as private parties. This means you’ll only be in class by yourself or with your immediate family & friends to ensure the best possible experience for your group. We provide all the equipment you need to learn and offer lessons for:

No matter what you’re learning, we cater your lessons accordingly with user-friendly waves for first-time surfers of all ages and then sand bars, reef breaks, & more difficult spots for advanced surfers.


Start Surfing Today

Hanalei Surf School is proud to help our students enjoy everything that surfing has to offer. With three instructors, our staff will make sure your experience is a positive one and you end your lessons confident in your newfound abilities. Whether you’re visiting Hanalei Bay and want to learn or you’re a local resident looking for a refresher, Hanalei Surf School has the perfect lesson plan to help.

Check out our availability or call us today with any further questions for our team.